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Augsburg College ED Awareness Week Event

I’m going to be doing a reading and presentation at Augsburg College in Minneapolis for Eating Disorders Awareness Week on Tuesday, February 23rd at 6PM in the Marshall Room of the Christianson Center. I’m going to read a bit from Purge, talk about recovery and do a Q&A and book signing. It should be great! […]

Mental Health Association of Minnesota (MHAM)

I met with the Mental Health Association of Minnesota on Friday, and they’re great. They have a lot of mental health resources for Minnesotans and those who live along the MN border. Check them out: http://www.mentalhealthmn.org/

NYT Article on EDNOS

The New York Times has an interesting article on EDNOS today: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/19/health/19eat.html?src=twt&twt=nytimeshealth

MN Book Award Nominations

It’s time for the Minnesota Book Awards! It’s not hard to get nominated (your publisher usually does it) but I still get excited seeing Purge up there with all the other memoirs! They prune the field down to 4 or 5 on Jan 31st, I think. I’d be so honored to be a finalist. A […]

It’s Your Health Interview Link

On 12/10 I did a radio interview with Lisa Davis on It’s Your Health 91.5FM WUML Boston. It went really well and Lisa asked great questions. If you’d like to listen to the broadcast, you can download it here: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/38277

Zandbroz Book Signing In Sioux Falls, SD

Last Saturday I drove out to Sioux Falls, SD to do a reading at Zandbroz Variety Store. The store is awesome and we had a good group of people who came out to chat. I had a wonderful time in Sioux Falls, hanging out with old friends and making new friends. It was a perfect […]

Psych Central Review

This is by far my favorite review, and not just because it’s a favorable one. The reviewer really GOT IT in terms of the book. She’s right on. See for yourself: http://psychcentral.com/lib/2009/purge-rehab-diaries/

Reading at Zandbroz in Sioux Falls, SD

Just a reminder that I’ll be reading and signing books at Zandbroz Variety Store in Sioux Falls, SD tomorrow from 2pm-4pm. Any South Dakotans, Minnesotans or Iowans in the vicinity should stop by.

Purge Is On Jezebel

Purge is mentioned on Jezebel! Click the link for the post and make sure to go to the comments section to read the interesting conversations happening there. http://jezebel.com/5332519/new-author-speaks-up-for-the-not-otherwise-specified

This Is How It Goes

I’ve been working on this entry based on another song by Aimee Mann from the movie Magnolia since before my honeymoon, and now I hope to finish and publish it today. The song “This Is How It Goes” makes me think of how isolating it is to go through something like an eating disorder, alcoholism […]