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The Sense Of Immediacy And Thoughts On Revision

I have the luxury of spending roughly four hours on writing-related ventures today (I am so lucky!) due to a fluke in my schedule and a quiet week school-wise. I have been writing like fiend, whenever I get a chance, and I have been caught up in my subject in a way I haven’t been […]

Some Musings On The Evolution Of Authorial Voice

It’s 2:23 on Wednesday, and I’m at my favorite coffee shop in Minneapolis, where I wrote the majority of Purge: Rehab Diaries. I’m drinking some Montana Gold tea, which is my new favorite tea, and watching huge, wet snowflakes fall to the sidewalk and melt. My favorite barista is working. It’s a cozy scene, and a […]

Tybee Island, Georgia (con’t)

WordPress wouldn’t let me post all of my pictures in one post, so here are the rest of my Tybee Island pictures: They were all over the beach.  

Tybee Island, Georgia

In addition to going to Savannah, my mom and I went to Tybee Island as well. It was a bit blustery when we went, but I didn’t mind. I still waded in the ocean and looked for shells. We saw lots of jellyfish, shells, pelicans, and sandpipers. After we walked on the beach, we went […]

Savannah, Georgia In February

It is 10 degrees above zero in Minneapolis (with a windchill of -3) and I am especially cold because I just got back from spending six days in South Carolina and Georgia, where one day it was 77 degrees. Those of you living in the Twin Cities know it’s been an incredibly mild winter, but […]

Florence + The Machine: Shake It Out

I first saw Florence + The Machine on SNL and I was transfixed. I am madly in love with this song right now. I keep listening to it on repeat, at top volume. I love the music, and love the lyrics. I’ve embedded the music video below, and posted the lyrics as well. Regrets collect […]

Wildcard Weekend

Even though the Steelers lost this weekend, I had a blast this past Sunday. As usual, Cami and I went to McGovern’s in Saint Paul to watch the game. I knew it was going to be packed, so I got there around 1:15, even though the doors didn’t open until 2, and the game didn’t […]

Erie Street

Whenever I see Erie Street, over by the University of Minnesota campus, I smile. My first year as a grad student at the U, I’d walk by Erie Street and get incredibly homesick for Erie, PA and all of my Penn State buddies. I still miss that time and place, but now the sign just […]

Football: The Best Way To Bring In the New Year

My friend Cami is from South Dakota, but I have inspired her to become a Steelers fan. On Sunday, we celebrated the New Year by watching the Steelers game at McGovern’s in Saint Paul, which is the official Steelers bar of the Steelers Fans of Minnesota (SFOM) of which we are both proud members. I […]

Happy Holidays!

I’m currently still in my pajamas, and just ordered a boatload of stuff from Sephora. There is no snow in Wisconsin (we are visiting my husband’s family), but the tree is pretty, and I have absolutely nothing to do today, which is perhaps the best present of all. I think there are still a few […]