Creative Thresholds

My friend Melissa, who I met at the Prague Summer Program back in 2005, edits an online arts journal, Creative Thresholds. I am honored to have my poetry appear in the current issue. I love the image that my poems are paired with.

Check it out:

I wrote “The Trouble with Bridges” and “Rush Hour” shortly after the I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, when I was spending a lot of time commuting in the Twin Cities, practically parked on overpasses and bridges. While commuting, I had a lot of time to just sit and think (sometimes traffic can be a blessing in disguise?) about life in general, and how much my life has changed, especially since I moved to the Twin Cities in 2003. I wrote “Liminal” in a coffee shop in Minneapolis on one of those dark, impenetrable Upper Midwestern January nights. I love the word “liminal” and the idea of “liminality.” “Poetry Village” is an old poem whose genesis was from an assignment in the MFA program. I don’t remember the exact assignment, but I thought it would be fun to personify language.

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