Having Faith & Letting Go

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I have a hard time letting things go, and accepting that I have no control over certain situations or outcomes. For some reason, I feel like it is easier to metaphorically hang on to things by worrying about them, as if my worrying will change the outcome or give me power over the outcome in some way. My worrying is a way of not letting go, of not surrendering control. Because to let go or surrender control is scary. It takes faith.

Slowly, I’m learning how to relinquish control, let go, surrender, and have faith that things will work out. I’m learning to trust that things will work out, even if I don’t worry or obsess about them. The act of letting go is hard, and having faith is even harder.

But in the letting go and surrendering, there is freedom.

I’ve been practicing letting things go, and I feel so much better. I am carrying so much less baggage. I’m not perfect at this, but I’m getting better.

Besides it’s not about perfection. In fact, it’s about letting go of perfectionism.

There is freedom in the act of letting go and having faith.

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