Maggie Goes On A Diet

I haven’t blogged for about a month, because I’ve been busy with work, school, and life, but now that I finally have some free time I’m going to blog again. Look for quite a few blogs to be coming your way…

I read about this, and was annoyed:

While I haven’t read Maggie Goes On A Diet, I think the concept is appalling. I understand that we have an obesity crisis, and that children and teens need to be active and eat a healthy diet, but I think a book like this aimed at ages 6+ is a bit much. Part of the problem is the word “diet.” That’s a loaded word for a lot of girls and women. You know what I think of when I hear the word “diet”?


The book isn’t titled Maggie Learns To Live A Healthy Lifestyle; instead it’s got “diet” with all of its negative connotations in the title. The cover image bothers me, too. Living a healthy lifestyle, and losing weight in healthy way goes beyond a dress that we long to fit into. Also, not everyone is thin. There are people that are overweight and obese that are happy with their bodies, and who are healthy.

My understanding is that the book talks about bullying, and about losing weight in a healthy manner, not crash dieting. I do think these are good things. Maybe this book will get people talking about how to best address childhood obesity. Who knows. I just can’t help but think that I would’ve felt awful had someone given me this book when I was a little girl or teenager. Like I said before, I think it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle, but self-acceptance is important, too. And we are all so much more than a number on the scale.

It makes me unbelievably sad to think that this book exists.

Do I think this book might trigger eating disorders?


I don’t think eating disorders always stem from one root cause. I think this book could have a big impact on someone who is susceptible to developing an eating disorder, though. I think there has to be a better way to talk about losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Maggie Goes On A Diet is not the right way to address these issues.

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