NEDAwareness Week 2014 Thoughts & Seal Press Giveaway

This week is the 2014 NEDAwareness Week, and this year’s theme is “I Had No Idea.” I think this is an excellent choice for a theme, as there a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding eating disorders, and a lot of people have no idea what it is like to have an eating disorder, how to support someone with an eating disorder, or how to seek help. When I was traveling to and from my last speaking engagement at Lynchburg College, I had a total of four flights, and on each of those flights, I met someone who was either struggling with an eating disorder themselves, or had a loved one who was struggling with an eating disorder. I think we often forget that eating disorders affect not only the individual, but that they are also a community issue, and so it is important to educate the community about the realities of eating disorders, and also to dispel common myths and misconceptions. I think at this point, most everyone is aware of eating disorders, and now we need to move toward educating our communities about how to help individuals that are dealing with eating disorders, while also reinforcing the idea that caring for someone with an eating disorder is often challenging, and that caregivers need support as well. In addition, we need to shatter myths such as eating disorders are only serious if a person is emaciated, anorexics never eat, etc.

The NEDA website has a ton of great information and resources, but I especially like their NEDAwareness website:

In honor of NEDAwareness Week, my publisher, Seal Press, is doing a giveaway of some Seal Press titles, including Purge: Rehab Diaries. And, the winner also gets a tote bag to tote around all of those books!


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