Hi Nicole,
I just found your blog and your twitter page, and I just wanted to tell you how much I admire both your writing and your resilience. I have been struggling with my ED since before high school, and have been in and out of treatment. I am now 25, and still back in the same place that I started. Anyway I read your book for the first time on my way to LTIP hospitalization in California while I was on the plane. It didn't take long to realize that you were talking about Roger's I was at Roger's a few years back as well, but because of insurance not covering me my family had to pay out of pocket, and I couldn't stay more than two month…. needless to say it was not nearly long enough. Anyway I am planning on writing a memoir evetually as well more on my life though. I wanted to tell you though that your book really spoke to me, and helped me through my treatment in CA… it was really hard to be there, and I had your book which was a life savor. Thank you….. Sorry for rambling btw….. I am also planning on applying to Columbia in Chicago after I am done with my undergrad in Journalism…. obviously my ED has set me back a bit, but if you have any writing tips I would love to hear them (If you have time) I am sure that you are busy.