NYT Article Treating ED’s

This article addresses the expense and difficulty of treating eating disorders, as well as how a lot of insurance companies find ways to refuse to cover treatment costs. It also talks about the importance of early diagnosis and intervention.

One quibble I do have with this article is that touts the Maudsley Method. Although I am not a medical or treatment professional, from what I have read about Maudsley, it seems like a dangerous concept. I can see how it would work with the right type of family dynamic, but I think there is the potential here for absolute disaster. Just because an eating-disordered individual achieves weight restoration does not mean that the battle is over. Far from it. Plus, I think an important part of recovery is taking responsibility for your eating disorder and your actions, not having someone else put in charge of all of that.
It boils down to this, for me: It’s not just about the food. And Maudsley seems to address just the food aspect of eating disorders and recovery.
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