Reading Tonight In Wyoming (MN) and Chisago Lakes

I’ll be doing presentations and reading tonight at the Wyoming library from 4-5:30, and then at the Chisago Lakes library from 6:30-8. Sorry I didn’t post in advance. Life has been crazy with work stuff, wedding stuff and book stuff.

Reading and Q&A at the Loft Literary Center Tonight @ 7pm

…details at

Marie Claire Interview Now Online

Also, I will be updating soon about the book launch (it was fabulous!) and some other things that are in the works.

Seal Press Women’s Interest Blog

Seal Press (my publisher) blogged about Purge on their women’s interest blog. It’s a nice recap of the publicity the book has received, and it includes mention of places that will be posting reviews soon. Read it here:

Launch Party Reminder

Next Friday, April 24th, the launch party for Purge: Rehab Diaries starts @ 4PM in the University of MN Bookstore in the Coffman Student Union which is on the East Bank of the Minneapolis campus. Here is the address:

300 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

You can park in the Washington Avenue, River Road or Weisman Museum ramps.

There will be a reading, a Q&A, book signing, socializing and snack-y things. No wine per U of M rules (boo).

If you come and I don’t know you, feel free to come introduce yourself.

Everyone is welcome.

Interview On The Huffington Post!

Many, many thanks to the wonderful Rachel Kramer Bussel for interviewing me for the Huffington Post. You can read the interview here:

I think it’s pretty damn awesome.

Marie Claire Interview Is Out

The May edition of Marie Claire magazines has hit newsstands (or at least my local Target) and the Q&A about Purge is on page 98. I am so happy with how it turned out, and working with both Marie Claire and Abigail Pesta has been great! If I find a link to it, I’ll post it, but I think it is only in hardcopy, not online.

Twin Cities Live (Where I Met Olivia Newton-John)

I was on Twin Cities Live today, and I had a great time. I was really nervous about being on tv (especially live tv) but the staff was wonderful, as were the other guests, including Olivia Newton-John. I arrived at KSTP and they took me down to the green room, where I was given info on how the show was going to run. They hooked me up with a microphone and then I sat around for awhile until the other guests arrived. Olivia popped into the green room, and was like, hello, I’m Olivia, and I was a bit starstruck. We chatted a little bit, and when I told her about my book, she said, “Good for you, I bet it will help a lot of people.” After her segment, I gave her a copy of my book and told her how much I enjoyed her in Grease. She kindly posed for a picture with me (at the bottom of this post).

Verna Price, PhD was the other guest, and she was a pro at being on live tv, and she helped ease my fears and helped me relax. We exchanged books (hers is The Silent Cry) so I’m excited to read her work.

John and Rebekah (the hosts) were absolutely wonderful to work with. They had both read the book and asked really great questions, and did an excellent job of making me comfortable. They were seriously great, and they made the whole thing enjoyable. I’ve posted a link to my segment on the show for your viewing pleasure. I think I did well:

All in all, it was an exciting, fun day! I actually like being on tv, and I would totally do it again.

Sold Out

Today I went to the Barnes and Noble downtown on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis so I could pick up a few of my books in preparation for my Twin Cities Live interview tomorrow (!). I found that there was only one lone copy on the shelf, so I asked the information desk people if there were any other copies in the store, maybe on a featured table or in a different category or something, and the information desk lady told me that the one I had in my hands was the last one in the store, and that they’ve been selling very well, and that there is another shipment on the way!

I think it’s awesome that they went through their first shipment already, and it’s less than a week since the book was released!

KFAI Write On Radio Recording

In case you missed it, the show is archived for 2 weeks and you can listen to it here: