Pennsylvania H.B. 1959

Residents of Pennsylvania, please think about supporting Pennsylvania H.B, 1959, proposed by Rep. Steve Santarsiero, which would require schools to share information about eating disorders with students in grades 5-12. It would also create guidelines for optional screenings (with an opt-out option) for school districts as well. More information on the bill can be found here:

You can show support of this bill by writing to your local politicians using this easy form letter from NEDA:

If done appropriately, I believe that age-appropriate education about eating disorders and when to seek help is highly valuable. School district guidelines for how to assess and help students with eating disorders would also be good. When I was a student in the Pennsylvania public school system (K-10) we received little to no information about eating disorders, and I’d like to see that change. If you are a Pennsylvania resident and have a moment, please consider looking into this proposed legislation.

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