Positive Comments In Recovery


I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. Trying to launch a book, plan a wedding and work 40 hours a week leaves for little time to blog! Something happened on Tuesday though, and I thought I’d share…

I have asthma, and last week was diagnosed with pneumonia, and on Tuesday I had to go to the ER. In the triage area, I was giving the nurse my medical history, hospitalizations etc. She asked about my history of heart problems (I no longer have them) and I told her about the PVCs, PACs and bradycardia I had while I was actively engaged in my eating disorder. She then went on to ask me how I was doing with the eating disorder stuff now, and I told her I was in recovery, and she asked me how I did that. I told her I spent 3 months in residential treatment and she congratulated me on recovery.

“You look fabulous! I can tell when people aren’t well-nourished and don’t take care of themselves, but you can tell you’re in recovery.”

It was awesome to hear that, although a bit ironic as I was so sick with pneumonia and asthma. A few years ago, I would’ve been suspicious of this nurse, and would’ve thought she was implying that I was fat, because in my disordered mind, well-nourished did not sound thin. But now I can see her compliment and congratulations for what they are, compliments and congratulations.

It’s a good feeling.

I have more things I want to blog about concerning people’s reaction to my ED history, as well as my disclosure of the writing and publication of Purge. So stay tuned!