Sloane Crosley Interviewed By The Rumpus

I simply adore Sloane Crosley, and her writing. One of the best nights I had this winter was spent at her Edina Barnes & Noble reading. She is smart, witty, and gorgeous. Her essays are hilarious and provoking, and while I loved I Was Told There’d Be Cake for its hilarity, I loved How Did You Get This Number? even more, because of its stark honesty (as well as hilarity).

Meeting writers in person is sometimes a crapshoot. Writers can be: assholes, socially inept, really nervous, snobby, mean, too cool for school, etc. Sloane Crosley was warm, funny, and down-to-earth. When she learned that  my friend Cami likes chickens, she drew a chicken in her book, as well as signing it.

Anyway, you should check out the The Rumpus interview of Sloane Crosley. Much like I love Sloane Crosley, I love The Rumpus. So these are my recommendations for this stormy, lame Monday:

1. Sloane Crosley

2. The Rumpus

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