Sold Out

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Today I went to the Barnes and Noble downtown on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis so I could pick up a few of my books in preparation for my Twin Cities Live interview tomorrow (!). I found that there was only one lone copy on the shelf, so I asked the information desk people if there were any other copies in the store, maybe on a featured table or in a different category or something, and the information desk lady told me that the one I had in my hands was the last one in the store, and that they’ve been selling very well, and that there is another shipment on the way!

I think it’s awesome that they went through their first shipment already, and it’s less than a week since the book was released!

I think it’s really good that your book is selling. As many books about eating disorders as there are, very very few of them even mention that EDNOS exists. Thank you for writing this.

It’s not just Minneapolis. I got your book from my library in Ohio. I had a hard time getting into it (because of my own struggles) but now I may have to buy it. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have the courage to buy it and not hide it in a corner and hide the cover when I read it. Maybe I’ll show it to people. Make them see. Make them listen.

I know this is sort of off topic, but I was wondering if you had an email address or even wanted people to contact you? People who have read and relate to your book, that is. I’ve looked everywhere for contact information and couldn’t find any. I wouldn’t want to impose, but if so, my email address is

Thanks, again.

that’s amazing, you must (and should!) feel so accomplished and proud!
–supposedfemme from tf