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The Atlantic Article On Thinspo, Fitspo, and Social Media

I found this article in The Atlantic interesting because it addresses the idea of “thinspo” and “fitspo” and the fine line between wanting to lose weight for healthy reasons, and wanting to lose weight for unhealthy reasons (or because of an eating disorder). It also deals with the idea of censoring certain phrases and images […]

Article About EDNOS

This article about EDNOS is interesting, because it┬ádiscusses some of the downfalls of the current DSM eating disorder diagnoses. I like that it addresses some of the problems particular to EDNOS, such as someone who is overweight losing weight (using eating disorder symptoms) and ending up at a normal weight, but physically compromised. EDNOS is […]

Some Day Melissa

There was a really good New York Times article about Some Day Melissa, which is a documentary/project that Judy Avrin is creating in order to raise awareness about bulimia. Ms. Avrin’s daughter, Melissa died of a heart attack after a five year battle with bulimia. I will to the website at the end of this […]


I’ve been formulating this post in my head for a long time. Months, in fact. It’s a rather touchy subject, but one I feel I need to address, as both someone who has recovered from an eating disorder, and as a woman in American society. I’ll start at the beginning. When I was a little […]

How Purge Came To Be (A Brief Overview)

People usually don’t ask me about the story behind Purge; they’re usually more interested in when it’s going to be published, who the publisher is, can they get it on amazon, etc. I think the story behind Purge is important, though. I did not sit down one day and decide to write a memoir. I […]