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Rental History Essay on The Billfold

An essay I wrote about some of the places I have lived is up on one of my favorite sites, The Billfold. Check it out: http://thebillfold.com/2014/04/the-rust-belt-a-biodynamic-farm-and-other-places-ive-lived/ This is my first piece of internet writing to be published (other than blogging), and I’m excited!

Erie Street

Whenever I see Erie Street, over by the University of Minnesota campus, I smile. My first year as a grad student at the U, I’d walk by Erie Street and get incredibly homesick for Erie, PA and all of my Penn State buddies. I still miss that time and place, but now the sign just […]

Penn State MFA Funding Cut

My MFA is from the University of Minnesota, but I did my undergrad at Penn State-Erie, and so when I saw this article, it saddened me. PSU has been forced to cut funding for its MFA students (not the current ones, but incoming ones). The funding I received was the main reason I was able […]