Where My Book Lives

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This is where my book resides in a popular national chain bookstore. I saw it in its natural habitat for the first time on Saturday, and I was a little dismayed to find it in the recovery section, because I was hoping it would be in with the memoirs. Or on one of the featured tables. In time, perhaps. The picture is a bit fuzzy because I was rushing to take the picture before an employee politely informed me of the “no pictures” policy.

i found it friday and have already finished! thank you for sharing your story – helps to know we are not alone in the recovery journey.

I think, though, that you will find a bigger audience in the recovery section than perhaps in the massive memoir section. Just started the book, and it’s intense, in a good (very good) way.

to begin, i am in treatment for bulimia, and i live in minnesota as well. i have just read half of your book; it is wonderful. recovery is slow, and right now i’m taking it day by day. i just wanted to say that your book has made me realize that we are not alone in the eating disorder hell, and i have reason to hope. to sum it up, THANK YOU.