Wildcard Weekend

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Even though the Steelers lost this weekend, I had a blast this past Sunday. As usual, Cami and I went to McGovern’s in Saint Paul to watch the game. I knew it was going to be packed, so I got there around 1:15, even though the doors didn’t open until 2, and the game didn’t start until 3:30. I stood in line with my fellow Steelers fans, and I made some new friends. Here I am standing in line:

Can you see me? I was trying to get online on my kindle. Meanwhile, Cami and Tanya where at the bar drinking Bloody Mary’s and Coke. I didn’t mind waiting in line, though. It’s always fun to talk to my fellow Steelers fans.

Steelers Fans of Minnesota (SFOM) had special chocolates. Here is a picture of Tanya and I moments before we devoured our chocolates:

Aren’t those cool?

Tanya is not a football fan, and she was literally the only person not decked out in black and gold. Cami and I are trying to get her hooked on football, but so far it hasn’t worked, although she did enjoy people-watching at the bar.

Cami and I took the best picture we’ve ever taken:

Aren’t we the cutest? Cami has a Steelers shirt, but she washed it and it wasn’t dry in time to wear, which is why she needs a backup Steelers shirt. I’m fairly certain we lost to the Broncos because Cami was not wearing the right shirt.

Even though we lost, it was an excellent game. Anytime the Steelers scored the Steelers polka was played and the Terrible Towels were waving. I was hoarse from screaming and cheering when I left the bar on Sunday night. I also drank six Diet Cokes and was all amped up on overtime adrenaline, and I had horrible insomnia, but it was worth it.

Football season is over for me, although Prince Charming’s Packers are still in the running, so now I must shift all of my energy to rooting for the Packers. Hopefully this will keep me from sinking into a post-football depression.

Cami and I are thinking about going to Pennsylvania for training camp in August. That would be amazing.


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