Zandbroz Book Signing In Sioux Falls, SD

Last Saturday I drove out to Sioux Falls, SD to do a reading at Zandbroz Variety Store. The store is awesome and we had a good group of people who came out to chat. I had a wonderful time in Sioux Falls, hanging out with old friends and making new friends. It was a perfect weekend trip.

Here is my odometer pre-trip:

In case you ever wondered what southern MN looked like:

Welcome to South Dakota!
The Sioux Falls of the Big Sioux River:

I took a little bit of a sidetrip through Nebraska and Iowa:

The odometer at the end of the trip:

It was a wonderful summer weekend. I hope to do more trips like this. I finally got to see South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. I’m still getting used to this whole Midwest thing…

One Response to “Zandbroz Book Signing In Sioux Falls, SD”

  1. Jenna says:

    I just wanted to let you know I finished reading your book, and I want to thank you for giving insight to those who are so desperately clinging onto myths and ridiculous beliefs about eating disorders.
    "Just eat," is a phrase I hear often, and as an eating-disorder sufferer (first anorexia, then EDNOS as well) it made me breathe a sigh of relief, that at least SOMEONE out there struggling to dispel those untruths has it published for all to see. In the prologue, I copied down one of the quotes in your book on my bedroom wall. Specifically, it starts off with, "Eating disorders are complex pathologies…" and finishes with, "The happily-ever after endings of many of the eating disorder books on the market today is a myth."
    Not only do I appreciate the fact that you took the time to delve into your tumultuous past, but I too am starting a memoir of my own, of the time I spent in an eating disorder unit, as well as a residential and partial/outpatient treatment program. When you wrote about having fits of rage, or simply changing millions of times because every outfit you tried on you thought made you look fat, I almost was brought to tears. I go through that almost every day, and I know how hard it is to be kept inside of a treatment facility and have no say nor control over anything you do.
    I, too, use writing as an outlet for my grievances, anger, frustration, sadness … I liked the analogy you states when writing that you 'purge out all your feelings, emotions, anger…" it really makes sense.

    I'm sure you get e-mails and letters and such commending your brilliant writing, but I just wanted to make it known that your memoir has truly touched me, and I will remember it as I continue my struggle. I wish you only the best in your journey.

    Thank you again,